Pretending you’re not looking when you’re clearly looking..

The legacy of a flu bug meant rather than getting out on the bike I went to the gym this Saturday, and after a 30 minute sweat fest on the cycle machine I had a swim and then hit the steam room.

Walking into the steam room I exchanged nods with a guy to my right, and then did a double-take as I clocked a gorgeous 20 something black woman wearing a bikini which had clearly shrunk in the steam lying on her back on the bench opposite with her eyes closed.

The door to the steam room then opened, and two other guys walked in, did a identikit double-take to me before sitting down opposite the woman – who wasn’t giving up an inch of bench – and also started the same – futile – process of trying not to look but clearly having to look as I was currently experiencing.

At this point the Saunbathing lady with a small moan rolled over onto her front to reveal that the bikini was essentially a g-string at the back, this was too much for the original guy who raised his eyebrows at me in a ‘what’s a guy to do?’ way as he sought solace in the cold pool – no doubt relieved he had baggy shorts on.

I too soon followed him out, contemplating over breast stroke – ignoring opposite gag opportunity here – where the previous five minutes left me from a moral standpoint.  Answer? Still not sure….tbc


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