The wine conundrum

Two months into a new job where I am on a daily basis being asked to step up the plate and prove myself I find white wine playing an increasingly important role in my post work routine.

I am more than aware that one glass after work is a nice reward for a hard day with no linked impact on sleep patterns, general mood, skittishness etc.

My – worrying – issue is that my current unconscious wine drinking speed is super fast by others’ standards.  I’m typically through glass one before my wife has even worked a fingers’ worth down her glass, and at this point the question of not having another glass is not even one that crosses my mind as I amble over to the fridge, the first beneficial impact of the grape hit making themselves felt.

Putting the girls to bed will typically stem the flow, but if there’s something worth watching on tv at 9 a cheeky glass 3 will typically accompany me to the sofa.

To be fair I do always draw at line at 3 – insert sardonic applause – but 3 is typically enough to bring on that massively annoying wake up slightly dry-mouthed at 4am with no real prospect of further sleep.

There are of course multiple solutions – only allow yourself one bottle in the week, have at least 3 dry nights, give up entirely – yeah right – which would no doubt make me a more productive, healthy and nicer to be around individual.  I’ve flirted with all of them without ever consumating a long-term relationship.  Damn you wine, why do you have to be so bloody nice.


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