Embracing Managership

I moved jobs in January, becoming, for the first time in a 20 year professional career the main man, rather than assistant to someone.  So -early- reflections on Senior Management for anyone about to enter this sphere.

1. Forget getting any work done during normal working hours, buy yourself a hose and yellow hard hat and prepare to fire fight.

2. Tragic as it sounds getting up at 6.30 on a Saturday and spending 2 hours planning what you need to do / say on Monday is worth its weight in gold.

3. Ahead of team meetings – when inevitably you will be looked to as the font of all knowledge – select a very low priority e-mail from each team member and do some wider research.  “You circulated a report about XYZ Limited Laura, I seem to remember that they were in the press a couple of years ago when they won a global entrepreneurship award…etc.”  Instant genius status awaits and everyone will -wrongly- assume you’re all over the important stuff.

4.  Go to bed early when you can

5.  ALWAYS, ALWAYS act positive – Moan to your partner (about work that is)

6.  Give up coffee – Clearly physically impossible in the long term but you’ll feel better about yourself for a day or two.

7.  Don’t lose sight of who you must impress – and vice versa

8.  Don’t forget to delegate – and don’t expect much when you do.. people have to learn

9.  Appraisals / Probation forms are God’s -administrative- way of punishing you for your past sins.  Embrace and repent

10.  Thank God for red wine


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