The £26 Set Square

Nice afternoon out with daughter 1.  Parked near Manchester University and showed her round my old campus – daughter 1 not impressed – so cut that short and went to the recently reopened Whitworth Gallery. Massive queue outside entrance so snuk in through the exit and defaulted to the tried and tested ‘She’s desperate for the toilet’ routine to ease past security.

In my defence d1 did need the toilet and while waiting for her in the gift shop got into an impromptu, and increasingly hilarious game of ‘guess how much this is…… higher, still higher, no honestly!!!’ with a couple of mums also waiting for junior to enter their bladder.  The star of the game had to me a suitably arty wooden set square, yours for a mere £26.  One mum’s shrieks of astonishment drew an elderly germanic ex-teacher into a realms who declared that she would have forbidden any of her pupils to bring such a thing into her classroom as it would have quickly been stolen.  Didn’t manage to establish whether she’d taught in Manchester or Munich.


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